Footprint Intelligence

"The intelligent carbon footprint platform to drive sustainability for Digital & Media Companies."


  • Figma
  • Notion
  • iMovie & Veed

Working in collaboration with both the UI/UX designer and co-founder of Footprint Intelligence, we used Figma as one of the main platforms to both plan and design all necessary deliverables. Every project was planned based on a monthly-timeline, in which weekly meetings were conducted to discuss both short and long-term marketing strategy goals.



Arguably the "jack-of-all-trades" of productivity and note-taking applications. Due to its wide range of organizational tools, I was able to use Notion for an array of tasks. Whether it was making calendar updates or simply jotting down market research notes, this platform was one of the most important tools that I used during the internship.

A new project that was introduced during the latter half of the internship was to work both video and audio edits for podcast episodes that our co-founders would host every other week. I mainly worked the episodes using editing platforms like iMovie and Veed, an online tool similar to the functions of iMovie. I would sift through each episode, editing clips to highlight the most notable scenes of the interview.