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During Summer 23', I was given the opportunity to be the first Production interns in several years at an Los Angeles based known as Deutsch LA. I worked with Executive Producers, Art Direction + Design associates, and various editing studios on client projects including Dr. Pepper, Lowe's, Petsmart, and more. One of my biggest goals going into this role was to gain as much on-set experience as possible and I was lucky enough to experience more than I had even anticipated. Whether it was jumping between location shoots or shadowing executive producers during editing session, I was able to both observe and work through multiple production cycles.


Throughout this experience, I was also able to meet and work with countless talented individuals. Working alongside fellow interns in between individual assignments, we focused on our summer intern project based around one of Deutsch LA's biggest clients, Taco Bell. After several rounds of pitch decks, creative ideation sessions, design mockups, and production speculations, we were able to successfully present our project in-person to the client and the Executive team at the agency.

Skills Learned

Director Bidding

75% Complete (success)

Script Edits

75% Complete


75% Complete (warning)

Pitch Decks

75% Complete (danger)

Creative Direction

75% Complete (danger)

What is...

One of the most important roles in a successful production is a diligently curated production team. Producers spend a sufficient amount of time researching various directors by looking through their reels and CV's, assessing which style would the best fit for their client's project. The bidding process can start with a list of 10-15 directors, of which would then be narrowed down to the top 3 choices that would be presented to the client representatives to make the final decision on which specific director they would like to work with.
The devil is in the details and the script is no exception. Producers are responsible for overseeing the play-by-play work, which ultimately means that the script is ultimately one of the most crucial elements in the production process. There needs to be a balance of incorporating enough detail to ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page while making sure that there isn't an overwhelming amount of information either. Maintaing a concise, direct, and stylistic tone is key to creating an ideal script.
Numbers are never easy to digest, but are always necessary to have realistic expectations for an upcoming production. In general, budgets can range from millions to thousands of dollars, depending on the means of the project and the client's wants. Producers then meticulously work with the client, the crew head, and the director of the Production Department to work through the nitty gritty details of a budget breakdown.

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