My Brand Style Guide

"Your name is your brand..."

Looking through a microscope

  • Design
  • Color Palette
  • Logos
  • Typography


Taking inspiration from various aspects of everyday life, I curated a moodboard that encapsulates how I'd want audiences to perceive my brand. Something refreshing, stylish, but also something that brings back a sense of familiarity and delicacy. Pops of vibrant colors crack through the lines of the overall soft features, introducing the beginning of a new wave.



Travel plays a major role in my career. It allows for both new experiences and moments of inspiration to be introduced into your life when you least expect it. Each color in this palette is named after either an element or memory from previous travels. Though it may not have the exact resemblance as the actual object, these colors can be portrayed as such symbols.



There often lies complexities within simplicity; which is what I hope my logo portrays. The organic shapes are to invoke friendly characteristics that are playful and brings back a sense of youth. However, the simple block colors builds a contrast of sophisication and almost builds a sense of timelessness.



"Read between the lines." The same mentality can be applied when it comes to choosing the right typography for any design. I knew I wanted the typography to be bold, yet playful and friendly- which is why I chose to go with the Sans Serif route against the soft-toned hues of my color palette. Creating a simple foundation allowed me to accessorize my brand through various creative avenues.


seeing it in action